Mather Service (in Node)

Simple Node gRPC microservice that does math.

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From Prebuilt Binaries

Prebuilt binaries are available on the releases page.

From npm

# Install
npm install mather.js # Please use `nvm` to prevent permission errors

# Run
mather.js-server start

From Source


# Install dependencies
npm install

# Clean (optional)
npm run clean

# Build
npm run build

Start With Toolchain

# Run
npm start

Start As Standalone Binary

# Build binary (with `pkg`)
npm run pkg-binary-build-linux-amd64
# or
npm run pkg-binary-build-darwin-amd64

# Install binary (from `pkg`)
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" npm run pkg-binary-install-linux-amd64
# or
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" npm run pkg-binary-install-darwin-amd64

# Run
mather.js-server start

Unit Tests

# Start unit tests
npm test

Integration Tests

# Start integration tests
npm run integration-tests

Integration Tests (For Standalone Binary)

# Start integration tests (for standalone binary)
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" npm run pkg-binary-integration-tests-linux-amd64
# or
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" npm run pkg-binary-integration-tests-darwin-amd64


# Start unit tests, start server and restart both if source changed
npm run dev


Mather Service (in Node) (c) 2019 Felix Pojtinger

SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0